Floriane Maels was born in Monaco , in a family where art was something familiar. Indeed her father was a well-known painter around the town. So, very young, she naturally made use of the brushes, the pencils, and the clay. For Floriane Maels, becoming an artist was an obviousness much more than a vocation, something as natural as breathing. Besides she didn't feel the need to study for long in art schools. The technical bases and the freedom of being herself her parents gave her would be enough. Her wanderlust, the desire to explore new horizons and mostly to create, urged her to travel and to meet people. This would be her real background.

Little time after her studies, she went to London . There, and later in Paris , she moved on different stages that are as much artistic experimentations. She tried to create ornamental boards made of broken glass, then to paint on various supports: wood, bark, crumpled paper. She refined her oil painting and her watercolour techniques, she practiced portraying. According to her, creating a work of art is more a deep and real joy, a surge of life, than a “work”, for this word means that there is suffering in the creation, an idea she doesn't agree with.

In 1979, she came back in France and settled in Paris , going on travelling and painting. It's also during this period that she began to sculpt, specially sculpted pictures (made in bronze, in terra cotta or in patina plaster cast). The headmaster of an art school let her a workshop, and a former student of the sculptor Paul Belmondo taught her in a friendly way some technical notions.

She left Paris in 1985 to settle In Eze, a beautiful medieval village, between Alps and Mediterranean sea , in which she opened her own gallery where she could show her works.


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Atelier Galerie Floriane Maels - 30 rue Principale, 06360 Eze-Village - France. +33 (0)4 93 41 21 89 - +33 (0) 4 93 41 08 51 - fmaels@cegetel.net

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